About the Convivium

We grow and maintain a small, thick community of 60 engaged persons who value achieving — in their lifetime — the most excellent and meaningful social arrangements among themselves. We do not accept the failures and disappointing performances of corporations, governmental agencies and many other institutions, but we also don’t accept excuses for ourselves. Instead, we uphold a strong sense of responsibility and agency over our lives and our neighbors’. We envision and seek to embody the potential of small committed civil society communities (sometimes called mediating institutions) to heal significant portions of the world around us and to find creative remedies to what ails us . The Convivium, as a social arrangement, as a contract of sorts, is a tool to directly benefit and nurture ourselves and our neighbors but, just as significantly, the Convivium is also to be an organic model, an examplar for all to see and for all to be encouraged by what average Americans can accomplish. In their lifetime. If their put their minds and hearts and hands to it. Together. We are better together. Wanted: courage and attention.
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[1] Convivial Discussions & THE SCHOOL FOR CONVIVIALITY

“The most radical alternative to school would be a network or service which gave each man the same opportunity to share his current concern with others motivated by the same concern.” Ivan Illich

[2] Well-being Café &

Info coming soon. The Ivan Illich School for Conviviality is…

[3] Multiple Civic Forums

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[4] Circles of Ultimate Concerns & SLOW

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[5] Information Sessions & THE BANQUET

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