Starting in Fall 2019, people can be admitted as Convivians (full members of the Convivium). For the time being, folks joining are labeled “Registered Participants” (of the Convivium) or RPs.

REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS have preferential access to all activities within the 5 categories listed below. For the success of the Convivium and for their own experience and benefit, they may also — if/when so prompted — initiate activities reflecting their own talents or their own interests, individually or in partnership, supervised or not so much. (On the other hand, it is compulsory for CONVIVIANS to generate and lead such activities on a regular, or not so regular, basis.)

Area 1: Convivial/Challenging Discussions

Area 2: The Well-Being Cafe’

Area 3: Multiple Civic Forums

Area 4: Circles of Ultimate Concerns

Area 5: Information/Orientation Sessions